Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

Grown/Changed: I have grown and changed a lot during this first semester. First of all I have grown more trust in myself and with my work. I feel more confident going up in front of a group of people and I feel more excited to do each new project because I believe that it can actually do well and not be embarrassed for it to be presented, especially with my two RBOC scene projects. I believe that at the end of the year one of my projects could potentially be the "best" in the class, which is something that I never felt before.

Proud: I am really proud of my Welcome Vid and my two RBOC Scene projects. The reason I am proud of my Welcome vid is because it was my very first DNP that I made in DLC and I feel that considering I wasn't familiar with Keynote and iMovie, it had a lot of good movements like an apple falling off a stack of books and a dancing lady, which is harder to do then it seems. :) It's a project that I was proud of from the very beginning. With my two RBOC Scenes I feel they represent the passage in the novel pretty well and they show my improvements in DLC. I learned new skills in Keynote that I was able to show and I am really proud of how the scenes turned out.

Challenging: The two most challenging projects for me in DLC were the Campaign Ad and the Thematic Causes. For the Campaign Ad we only had a short amount of time to complete it and to make it very persuasive. This was really hard for me because I knew that I wouldn't be able to be as picky on every little problem, which meant that it didn't turn out as well as it could of been. With the Thematic Causes we had to make the project over 5 minutes long, which was hard for me because I never had to make a project with a time limit before. It was very stressful each time I timed my presentation and it wasn't long enough.

Favorite: My favorite project in DLC was the Welcome Vid. I am serious when I say that everyday for those couple weeks I would be so anxious to go to DLC so I could work on that project. Now that I think back it might of been because it was my first DNP and I was able to try out each new tool and aspect of Keynote, since I had never used that technology before in my LIFE. I don't know the real reason why, but I just was just so excited when ever I was working on that project, which was a good feeling to have toward a project.

Hopes and expectations for Second Semester: For second semester I want to improve in my technology skills and be less stressful for each project. I just want to do well without having a heart attack each time. I think that I can accomplish this if I try hard and don't wait as long to start each project. I REALLY want to have a project that can be called the "best" in the class. That is my main goal for next semester.


  1. I thought it was very honest and appreciative. You spoke your mind and were very confident and proud. You pointed out the positive things you have done and dwelled on them. I really liked your first scene for RBOC. You were very supportive of your own ideas. It was VERY heartfelt. I also liked the Welcome Vid, even though mine wasn't too great. :) Do you still get excited over projects that we do now? Well done! :)

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  3. @Tyera: Ya I do still get excited for the new projects we get now, especially for the final showcase project!!:) I have good ideas for that one, but I haven't actually started it!:P Do you have ideas for that project?

  4. I could tell you put lots of time into this post, and it was well written. I though your welcome vid was pretty good, and I agree that it was a fun project. I think that is good that you set goals for yourself for second semester. Had you ever worked with keynote, or imovie before this year? I thought this was a great reflection of your first quarter

  5. Not having heart attacks is good. Good post. Good goal. As another competitive person, I know how wanting to be the best feels. Keynote and iMovie are hard to use, especially animations. I had used them before last year, and I still had a tough time at points. Overall, less stress is good. Allow stress to be the mechanism to work extremely hard, but don't overwork yourself.